Frequently asked questions

Read the FAQs to solve your doubts about our tyre warmers

Do only professional riders need motorcycle tyre warmers?

No, even amateurs use tyres with compounds that require preheating for best performance.

Are the benefits of tyre warmers limited to performance?

No, it’s mainly a question of safety. Any day track enthusiast can buy slick tyres, even the same ones used in the SBK World Championship. These particular tyres perform best at certain temperatures, and under a certain limit can even be dangerous.

Are motorcycle tyre warmers only used with slick tyres?

No, grooved tyres also benefit. First of all, preheating stops the tyre from “tearing” before it reaches the correct temperature range. Having a “ready” tyre means having an excellent grip right from the very first laps. Also not to be overlooked is the fact that in recent years, the compounds of grooved tyres have changed, bumping up the required operating temperatures.

How long before use should the tyre warmers be switched on?

To properly warm up the entire tyre compound, it takes at least one hour of heating before use on the track.

Are tyre warmers only used on new tyres?

No, to make the most of the tyre's performance and durability characteristics, their exposure to thermal shock must be avoided. This means that the tyres should be placed under low heat even after use to slow down the cooling process, and then heated again before their next use on the track.

What are the advantages of Thermal Technology's Multi Zone technology?

Heating the rim allows the attainment of pressure values close to, if not higher than, those used on the track. Until a few years ago, tyre warming achieved only a partial approach to the on-track pressure values, but now, not only has this gap been closed and the objective achieved, but this has happened without stressing the tyre compound. If conventional tyre warmers were used to obtain temperatures and pressure values similar to those reached on the track, too much heating would be required, thus exceeding the limits allowed by the manufacturers. Multi Zone Technology overcomes these limitations to improve the tyre’s performance without over-heating the compound.

What are the advantages of using Tri Zone tyre warmers?

The more powerful the bikes, the more obvious the advantages of using Tri Zone tyre warmers, because high power tends to heat the tyres more, especially rear tyres, which need to be properly prepared. From Moto2 upwards, the benefits are very noticeable.