Interview with Francesco

Interview with Francesco "Pecco" Bagnaia

Here's what Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Lenovo Team MotoGP World Champion, thinks about tire warmers for motorcycles and their use on the track:

“The tyre warmers make the life of the riders a lot easier because our tires only work well at very high temperatures.The thermal cover gives us a fundamental help and allows us to enter the track with the tires ready, so that we can push from the first lap. By now this accessory has become essential not only on race weekends, but in all our training on the track.
A rider needs an electric blanket in the same way as a helmet and a suit and this is because it not only helps to improve one's performance, but above all is safety. Entering the track with a cold tire means taking a long time to bring it to the correct operating temperature. Not using the tire warmers would have to take enormous risks to be able to heat the tires quickly, not to mention that this could cause abnormal consumption that would affect their durability and performance. ”

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